Who is the Tallest Actor?

“Half of beauty is the height” or “in the small barrel is good wine”?

Let’s find out who is the highest actor in the world:

Without a doubt American actors beat the Italians. In Hollywood, Gheorghe Dumitu Muresan won the first place, with a height of 2.31m and a weight of 143 Kg.

Former NBA basketball player, he also had a role in the film “My Giant” in 1998.
He follows him at a distance of a few centimeters Kevin Peter Hall, 2.20m tall, who starred the “Predator” (1987) – in this cast we also find Jesse Ventura with his 1.93m height – and “Predator 2” (1990).

The god of thunder, Chris Hermsworth, who plays the protagonist in “Thor”, slightly exceeds 1.90.

Among the Italian actors, Max Tortora (1.97m), known as Ezio of “I Cesaroni”, is jokingly called the giant of Italian actors.
In second place is the actor, director and television personality Alessandro Gassman with his height of 1.93.

How not to mention the recently disappeared, the mountain, Bud Spencer (1,92) who is accompanied by one of the lowest actors of the Italian cinema Terrence Hill, who is 10 cm taller.

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