Tony Robbins Height, Zodiac and More

Tony Robbins a mentor and marketer who was born in California, United States  in February 29, 1960 as Anthony Jay Robbins,
His Zodiac Sign is Pisces

Tony Robbins’s Height is
2.01 m / 201 cm / 6 ft 7 inches

Tony Robbins is a self-made mentor and millionaire, he became rich and famous by holding events that promote self-development, wrote motivational books and mentoring many people. He started out at the age of 19, and a great influence in him was his step-father whos last name he holds not,

During his youth years he found out that he had a skill for public speaking, then he began to read the works of inspirational writers such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Dale Carnegie. Robbins did not attend college but instead took a job organizing  various seminars for the motivational such as Jim Rohn.

Many famous Books by Tony Robbins have been published during his mentoring and life coaching career, and his book sales and conference tickets have made him a significant income.
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